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Class Notes



What is a mind?

1/13 (W)
Introduction to Class

Participation Rubric
No Readings

In class, we will look at two things, namely the first page of this article by Frank Jackson entitled "What Mary Didn't Know" and several minutes of this interview with Jesse Prinz
1/18 (M)
Dualism Class Notes Descartes' Meditations (excerpts)

Reading Questions
Reading Response Paper 1 Due Dates Start (Continuing on Through 2/15 Depending on Student)
1/20 (W)
Idealism and Neutral Monism


Discussion of How to Write an Abstract
Sample Abstracts Berkeley's Treatise of the Principles of Human Nature

Bertrand Russell's "Physics and Neutral Monism"

Reading Questions

1/25 (M)


Discussion of Retaining Material
Class Notes
Peter C. Brown Et. Al.'s Make it Stick (Excerpts)

Carl G. Hempel's
"The Logical Analysis of Psychology"

Reading Questions

1/27 (W)

Hilary Putnam's "Brains and Behaviour"

Reading Questions
Abstracts Due

Note: Quiz 1 was today
2/1 (M)
Identity Theory


Peer Feedback on Abstracts

U. T. Place's "Is Consciousness a Brain Process?"

Group 1's Abstracts:


Group 2's Abstracts:


Reading Questions

2/3 (W)

J. J. Smart's "Sensations and Brain Processes"

Reading Questions

2/8 (M)


Discussion of Poster Sessions

Some links on poster sessions in philosophy:

Discussion of Poster Sessions at a Philosophy Blog called "Daily Nous" That Explains Some Advantages of Them and Offers Some Video Examples

Discussion of Poster Sessions at another Philosophy Blog called "The Philosophers' Cocoon" That Includes Some Tips in the Comments

A Website from the Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress (A Philosophy Conference) that Explains Why They Hold Poster Sessions and Offers Some Links to Websites Talking About How To Create Good Poster Sessions

Website From the Association For the Scientific Study of Consciousness that Has Some Tips

Hilary Putnam's "The Nature of Mental States"

Reading Questions

2/10 (W)

Ned Block's "Troubles With Functionalism"

Reading Questions
Note: Quiz 2 was today
2/15 (M)

Interview with Patricia Churchland

Peter Unger's "I Do Not Exist"

Interview with
Keith Frankish


Some other traditional debates

2/17 (W)
Poster Sessions

No Readings Posters Due for Some (namely Andrew, Audrey, Derek, Jack, and Kay)

2/22 (M)
To what degree is the content of our thoughts determined by our external environment?
Sarah Sawyer's "Internalism and Externalism in Mind"

Reading Questions
Reading Response Paper 2 Due Dates Start (Continuing on Through 3/30 Depending on Student)
2/24 (W)
Class canceled
2/29 (M)

Justin Fisher's "Why Nothing Mental is Just in the Head"

Reading Questions

3/2 (W)
Poster Sessions
No Readings Posters Due for Others (namely Brian, Jesse, Julia, Kaya, and Nate)
3/14 (M)
Can we know that others have minds? If so, how?
Anita Avramides's "Overview" from Other Minds

Reading Questions

3/16 (W)
What is the nature and function of emotions?
Peter Goldie's "Emotion"

Reading Questions
Note: Quiz 3 was today
3/18 (F) This class session is optional. There are no readings. We will meet in 102 Pasquerilla Center at the normal time (9:30 - 10:45). Here are the slides from today in case you're curious (obviously there won't be any quiz questions on them or anything).
3/21 (M)

In class we'll look at several examples in which people present philosophy, the first is here and the second is here David Sander and Klaus R. Scherer's The Oxford Compantion to Emotion and the Affective Sciences (excerpts)

Reading Questions

3/23 (W)
What are some of the key debates in philosophy of mind in Asian traditions? Class notes Jay L. Garfield's "Consciousness" from Engaging Buddhism

Reading Questions

3/30 (W)

"Yogacara" by John Powers

Reading Questions
Due Dates Start (Continuing on Through 4/18, Depending on Student)

Some contemporary debates

4/4 (M)
Are cases of normal perception and hallucination/misperception radically different?
Andrew's presentation: Stream or Download

"Introduction" from Disjunctivism by Alex Byrne and Heather Logue


Suggestions for Audiences of a Philosophy Q and A
Reading Response Paper 3 Due Dates Start (Continuing on Through 4/25 Depending on Student)

Andrew's Q and A is today

Note: Quiz 4 was today
4/6 (W)

Kaya's presentation: Stream or Download

Kaya's Q and A is today
4/11 (M)

Class Notes Jesse's presentation:
Stream or Download

Julia's Presentation:
Stream or Download

"The Philosophy and Psychology of Hallucination: An Introduction" by
Fiona Macpherson

Jesse's Q and A is today

Julia's Q and A is today
4/13 (W)
What can mental disorders tell us about minds and their properties? Class Notes Derek's presentation: Stream or Download

Nate's presentation:
Stream or

"How psychopaths threaten moral rationalism: Is it irrational to be amoral?" by Shaun Nichols

Note: Quiz 5 was today

Derek's Q and A is today

Nate's Q and A is today
4/18 (M)

Class Notes Audrey's presentation: Stream or Download

Brian's presentation:
Stream or Download

"Minding the Missing Me" by George Graham

Audrey's Q and A is today.

Brian's Q and A is today.
4/20 (W)
How are we conscious of time and space?
Jack's presentation: Stream or Download

"Stopped clocks, silent telephones and sense data: Some problems of time perception'' by Robin Le Poidevin

Jack's Q and A is today

4/25 (M)

Kay's presentation:
Stream or Download

"Do things look the way they feel?" by John Schwenkler

Note: Quiz 6 was today

Kay's Q and A is today.
4/26 (Tu)     Note: Not a Class Day   
Final Paper Due
4/27 (W)      Concluding Discussion. Note: we're meeting at 7:30 PM in 143 DeBartolo.