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Williamson, Closure, and KK (Forthcoming) Synthese. Preprint.

Moral Pickles, Moral Dilemmas, and the Obligation Preface Paradox. (Forthcoming) Philosophical Studies. Preprint.

Does Ought Imply Ought Ought? (Forthcoming) The Philosophical Quarterly. Preprint. Official.

Knowledge-To-Fact Arguments Can Deliver Knowledge. (2018) Analysis. 78:1, 52-6. Preprint. Official.

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Sensitivity, Reflective Knowledge and Skepticism. (2016) International Journal for the Study of Skepticism, 6:4, 351-67. Preprint. Official.

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Parallels Between Gaps and Gluts. (2012) Australasian Journal of Philosophy 90:2, 383-394. Preprint. Official.

Book Reviews

Review of Duncan Pritchard's Epistemic Angst: Radical Skepticism and the Groundlessness of Our Believing. (2016) Grazer Philosophische Studien. 93: 14, 593-9. Preprint. Official.


"Pluralist Accounts of Knowledge and the Threshold Problem”
  • Pacific APA (2018)

"Actualism, Possiblism, and Simple Structuralism"
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"Moral Pickles, Moral Dilemmas, and the Obligation Preface Paradox"
  • Pacific APA (2016)

"Stanley and Williamson Make Knowing How Look Easy"
  • Canadian Society for Epistemology Symposium (2015)

"Williamson, Closure, and KK"
  • Central APA (2015)
  • Central States Philosophical Association (2014)

"A New Solution to the Surprise Test Paradox"
  • Pacific APA (2013)

"Prichard, Safety, Value"
  • Pacific APA (2011)
  • University of Rochester Graduate Epistemology (2010)