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8/27 (W)
Introduction Syllabus

Participation Rubric

Opening Survey
No readings

8/29 (F)

Validity and Soundness
No readings

9/1 (M)
Do we have a moral obligation to donate to charity?
Reconstructing Arguments

Answers to Bonus Questions
"Famine, Affluence and Morality" by Peter Singer

Reading Questions

9/3 (W)

Reading Questions
9/5 (F)

"Rights and the Duty to Bring Aid" by John Arthur

Reading Questions
Mini-Paper 1
9/8 (M)

"Famine, Affluence and Empathy" by Michael Slote

Reading Questions

9/10 (W)
When, in general, should we morally do one thing, as opposed to another? Historical Philosophers

Normative Ethics
Excerpts by Jeremy Bentham and J. S. Mill

Reading Questions

9/12 (F)

Anarchy, State and Utopia by Robert Nozick (excerpts)

Reading Questions
Mini-Paper 2
9/15 (M)

"Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals" by Immanuel Kant (excerpts)

Reading Questions

9/17 (W)

"Kantian Approaches to Some Famine Problems" by Onora O'Neill

Reading Questions

9/19 (F)

Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle (excerpts)

Reading Questions
Mini-Paper 3

Sample 1
Sample 2
9/22 (M)

"On Virtue Ethics" by Julia Driver

Reading Questions

9/24 (W)
What kinds of things are moral obligations? Class Notes
Euthyphro by Plato (excerpts)

Reading Questions

9/26 (F)

Debate Instructions

Debate Groups
Mini-Paper 4

Sample 1
Sample 2

What Students Thought Made for Good Writing
9/29 (M)

Debate Peer Assessment
No New Readings
Mini-Paper 5
10/1 (W)

No New Readings

10/3 (F)
Do we have a moral obligation to refrain from eating meat?
Class notes
"The Basic Argument for Vegetarianism" by James Rachels

Reading Questions

10/6 (M)

"The Moral Significance of Animal Pain and Animal Death" by Elizabeth Harman

Reading Questions

10/8 (W)

Class Notes
"The Least Harm Principle May Require that Humans Consume a Diet Containing A Large Herbivores, Not a Vegan Diet" by Steven L. Davis

Reading Questions
Mini-Paper 6

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

10/10 (F)
Class Canceled

10/13 (M)
Can skeptical arguments sucessfully show that we are ignorant about various things?
Note: we will have a practice quiz today!

Meditations on First Philosophy
by Rene Descartes (excerpts)

Reading Question

10/15 (W)

Reading Questions
10/17 (F)

Class Notes
An Enquiry on Human Understanding by David Hume (excerpts)

Reading Questions
Mini-Paper 7

Sample 1
Sample 2
10/27 (M)

No new readings -- we're going to catch up on the reading questions from 10/17

Comic on today's topic (not required reading)

10/28 (T) There will be a screening of Inception at 7:30 PM in DeBartolo 140. You are welcome to attend, but not required to.

10/29 (W)

Class Notes
"Skepticism and the Veil of Perception" by Michael Huemer (excerpts)

Ancient Philosophy by Julia Annas (excerpts)

Reading Questions

10/31 (F)
Do we and our society produce and maintain ignorance in unjust ways?
"Agnotology: A Missing Term to Describe the Cultural Production of Ignorance (And Its Study)" by Robert N. Proctor

Reading Questions
Mini-Paper 8

Sample 1
Sample 2
11/3 (M)

"White Ignorance" by Charles W. Mills

Reading Questions

11/5 (W)

Epistemic Injustice by Miranda Fricker (excerpts)

Reading Questions

11/7 (F) How strong are the arguments for and against the existence of God?
Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas (excerpts)

Reading Questions
Prospectus Due
11/10 (M) Prospectus discussion

Reading Questions

11/12 (W)

Cosmological Argument Slides "An Examination of the Cosmological Argument" William Rowe

Reading Questions

11/14 (F)

"On the Problem of Evil" by Stephen Law (excerpts)

Listening Questions
Mini-Paper 9

Sample 1
Sample 2
11/17 (M)

"Response to the Problem of Evil" by William Lane Craig

Watching Questions

11/19 (W) If the arguments for the existence of God are not decisive, is it acceptable to believe in God anyways? Class Notes Pensees by Blaise Pascal (excerpts)

Reading Questions
Mini-Paper 10

Sample 1
Sample 2

11/21 (F)

"The Logic of Pascal's Wager" by Ian Hacking

Reading Questions

11/24 (M)

"The Ethics of Belief" by William K. Clifford (excerpts)

Reading Questions
Rough Draft Due
12/1 (M) Rough Draft discussion

Rough Drafts

Reading Questions

12/3 (W)

See Previous

12/5 (F)

"The Will to Believe" by William James (excerpts)

Reading Questions

12/8 (M) Quiz

No readings

12/10 (W) Concluding discussion (last class day)

No readings

12/18 (R)
No readings

Description of Salon
Final Draft Due