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Moral Problems





This course will focus on ethical issues related to the environment, technology, and globalization. In particular, we will examine twelve questions, four from each of these three areas. The questions we will examine are:

• What are the environmental arguments against eating meat?
• What are our duties with regards to climate change?
• Do we have a duty to maintain biodiversity?
• Should native peoples be allowed to use the Earth as they wish?
• What level of governmental surveillance is acceptable?
• Is the American use of drone strikes morally acceptable?
• Is the use of stem cells morally acceptable?
• Can machines achieve a moral status?
• Do we have an obligation to provide aid to other countries and if so how much?
• What should our policies be with regards to immigration?
• Is it morally acceptable to test medicine on people in poorer countries?
• When is military intervention morally acceptable?

In the course of examining these topics, we will focus on developing various philosophical skills, including: (i) reading a text to find the main arguments and conclusions and (ii) analyzing the strengths and weakness of arguments.